Age -> 15

Pronouns -> He/Him

Location -> Canada/Hong Kong

Time Zone -> EST(UTC-4)

Occupation -> High school student


Languages -> Typescript/Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS

Frameworks -> Vue/Nuxt, Tailwind, Astro

Tools -> Git, Figma

Learning -> Rust, Svelte, Go, SQL

Cool stuff I use

Editors -> Neovim, Zed

Platforms -> macOS, Windows, NixOS

Software -> Arc, raycast, the Affinity Suite, blender, procreate

Color scheme -> Tokyo Night, Catppuccin

As a person

Likes(in no specific order) -> Hiking, traveling, reading books, programming, configuring, listening to music(jpop), graphic and ui design, urban design and transit, typography, open source, art, IKEA, mechanical keyboards, Robots(FRC), video games, webdev, crafting beautiful ui